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Why Should I get  sewer scope inspection?

  1. Understanding the Sewer System:

    • A sewer scope inspection provides an inside look into a home’s sewer lines.

    • A professional inspector inserts a plumbing camera into the drainpipe to check for blockages, broken pipes, or other serious issues.

    • This helps you understand the condition of the sewer system, which is crucial for making informed decisions.

  2. Importance of Sewer Inspections:

    • Without a sewer inspection, you might unknowingly buy a home with a faulty sewer system.

    • A broken or damaged sewer system can lead to various problems:

      • Structural Risks: Shifting or cracking in the home’s foundation due to sewer issues.

      • Health Risks: Harmful gases (like carbon dioxide, methane, and sulfur dioxide) can seep into the house.

      • Expensive Repairs: Repairing a broken sewer pipe can cost up to $300 per foot, and replacing sewer drains can range from $2,500 to $30,000 or more.

      • Lack of Access to Plumbing: Functional plumbing is essential for a household, and a sewer scope ensures you’re aware of any issues.

  3. Early Detection and Cost Savings:

    • Detecting sewer problems early can save you money in the long run.

    • The cost of an inspection is negligible compared to the potential repair costs.

    • Don’t rely solely on the visible plumbing; a sewer scope reveals what’s happening underground.

  4. Peace of Mind:

    • Knowing the condition of your sewer system provides peace of mind.

    • You won’t be caught off guard by unexpected sewer-related issues after moving in.

sewer scope inspection
sewer scope

Getting to The Root of It: Sewer Inspections

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